can you blame me for this one?

Let’s put it together, piece by piece, so we have a clear idea of what we’re running on our system and how to configure them.


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This article is aimed to help someone that needs to run pg_basebackup. The Postgresql documentation is excellent, and hopefully this will serve as an example of successful usage.


Why is my archive/ directory on my Centos 7 Postgresql 10.4 installation several hundred GibiBytes?

### Here is what the Archiving section of the postgresql.conf file looks like by default:# - Archiving -archive_mode = on              # enables archiving; off, on, or always
# (change requires restart)
archive_command = 'cp %p /var/lib/pgsql/10/archive/%f' # command…

-- execute a pg_dump as root
# pg_dump -U postgres -Fc source-db-name > /directory/path/db-dump-name.dump
  • pg_dump invokes the utility.
  • -U postgres switches the command to be run as the postgres user.
  • -Fc puts the resulting file into a format that can be restored from.
  • > outputs the command to the singular dump file.
  • The synopsis from the official documentation is:
    pg_dump [connection-option...] [option...] [dbname]

Now, Let’s make sure we understand how to create a new blank database instance to restore into.

-- first switch to postgres user # su - postgres -- invoke psql interactive terminal $ psql -- then create a…

Let’s take a pg_dump!

1. Connect to VPN

$ sudo vpnc rsvpn

1. add necessary repo

# rpm -Uvh

-- because sometimes you're not just going from Windows to Linux :-)
you're going from Linux to Linux, and that's cool

$ sudo su -
# useradd granular
# passwd granular
# usermod -aG wheel granular
$ sudo su - // this switches to…

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